Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fly Me to a Fairytale

Today, and the rest of this semester of school, is going to be sick. Not that popular swine-flu sick, or the much-preferred mind-blowing-crazy-amazing sick. But the flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pantalones, running-myself-silly, can't-keep-my-head-on-straight sick. Classes are getting insane. And it doesn't help that two of my classes only have two grades. For the -semester-. Anyways, so I'm awesomely avoiding writing two papers right now as I'm writing this blog. This is all getting psycho stressful though. Please just make it all go away, and take me to Disney World to go meet the Disney Princesses. That's all I want right now. :] Goodness, wish me luck.

Onward. So just recently I've been using the makeup and the brushes that I have, and have had for a long while now, a lot more efficiently and effectively. I keep giving myself credit that I know the basics about makeup and application and skincare and such, but even today, I keep learning more little things that make a huge difference in my everyday skincare regimen. And once I find out new itty bitty details that make such a dramatic difference, I wonder how I got along without it in the first place. For example, it's very important to wash your face twice when you go to clean your face; the first time gets all the dirt, oil, grime, and all the little extra bits of makeup off your face. The second wash actually truly cleanses your skin, otherwise you unknowingly just did half the intended job. Little things like that just keep driving me forward to learn and practice more, so that I may actually be able to have a solid, dependable, effective skincare method in my mind, and equally fantastic makeup techniques. :]

Sweet side/ending note/happy major chord: haha I'm a music dork. Can you tell? The actual sweet ending is that last Thursday, the eighth of April 2010, I participated in the worldwide One Day Without Shoes, which was a huge event started by Tom's Shoes to raise awareness of what children in other countries have to go through as they go day-by-day with no shoes on their feet. Tom's Shoes, if you are not familiar, is a shoe manufacturer that sells lovely comfortable shoes to consumers, and with every pair of shoes that is sold, another pair is given to one of these children who has never owned a pair of shoes. It's a beautiful organization, and I'm a huge advocate of it. So I went all day without any shoes on my feet, walking around campus, in and out of every class that I had. And goodness me, it was much more painful than I had imagined. It was a fantastic experience for me to have, and I guarantee this will be something that I will be participating in every single year from now on. I was so humbled, and have so much more respect for it. And to commemorate this memorable day in my life, I took a photo of my bare feet that day [though you can't see the bruised, raw damage from walking that day] and set text over it, as well as the Tom's Shoes flag that is included with every order. <3

I have to run and finish all this mountain of homework now, but I leave you with my barefoot photo and more [and better] things to come.



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Butterflies Turn Into Fireflies

Hello hello lovelies,
I'm gonna be tracking my progress here about anything and everything I'm getting into. Not so much school though, nobody likes reading about that. But the makeup, hair, skin, nails, tips and tricks, photography, music, and then probably even a bit about people in my life (family and boyfriend and such) are allll gonna be right here. :] I'm really excited about this, it's something I've been wanting to get into for a long time.
That aside, I'm either going to come back and edit this particular post to tell a bit more about myself before launching into this hot mess, or just be lazy and letcha just take it as it comes. haha, oh I have no idea. Let's just leave this here and call it a wrap for now.

Stay tuned, dolls. This is gonna be wild. :D